Saturday, February 14, 2009

Date and a Spread

So i went out with J...after we worked out on Friday we went out for drinks and food (none for me of course, i had diet coke and seven peanuts and 4 lime wedges)- we talked about the show...about the famous people she trains, etc. She asked me about still living with my dad and i tried to brush it off...but i guess it would be weird for some 23 still living with a parent. Hadn't really thought about it to be honest. The idea of not living with him petrifies me, so there's no way i could change it...but i guess someday i'll have to live on my own...i mean, he'll die eventually so its inevitable. Anyway...the "date" went really well and she invited me to a club tonight, a lesbian club...and i said no, and she asked why, and i said "cause of the publicity" and she nodded and said "yeah, i guess the paparazzi's already started bugging you huh" and i said "naw" i mean the show hasn't even come out i qualified with "the studio has a lot of shit in my contract about acting out etc." and she seemed to let it go with that. I realized that since she had asked me on a second date...or sorta date, and i had nixed the place, that it was now my turn. So I asked if she wanted to go running on saturday (today) not realizing of course that it would be valentines day, and she said we went running this morning and then went to breakfast at ihop and i ate pancakes, heart shaped pancakes that she ordered for me and paid for...ughhhhh!!!! But she looked adorable in her track suit and the heart shaped pancakes were such a nice i ate them, and then excused myself to go to the bathroom (to puke), came back and was just...happy. I can't explain it, but sitting there across from her, even with a plate of half eaten pancakes covering the table, i just felt this calm, or maybe it was just a lack of anxiety, but it was wonderful and i wanted to sit in it forever. But then my dad called on my cell and told me the studio had been calling at home for me for hours and i needed to get back for some sort of photo shoot....ughhhhh. So we ran back to the park where we left our cars, hugged (i didn't know what else to do) and left. 
So i think i'm in love and i don't know what to do about it...but i like i won't do anything about it, i'll just GO with it. When i got home i called the studio...well, the guy who bothers me from the studio, we'll call him M. He's a dick and doesn't ask for anything ever, he just commands and barks shit at male diva!!! Anyway, he said the studio wants to do a promotional poster to put on billboards in major cities, but they needed to get it shot sunday, poop. But my sag contract says i get paid double for weekends so SWEEET!!!!! So me and K and a phew other cast members are gonna have a big photo shoot tomorrow that i'm pretty excited about. The scale said 111 this morning which is a pretty respectable weight to take pictures at. No eating till then of course. My dads excited and he wants to take me to a movie now...maybe slumdog because i haven't seen it and the oscars are coming up and i hate not being able to vote at home because i didn't see the movies. Oh well, off to shower and look up movie times!!!! Sorry the posting slowed down so much lately...this working thing is stressful and time consuming, but i'll get in the habit and it'll improve, promise!!! YOu guys are the best, stay in it to win it :)))) <-- hahaha double chins!

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  1. Slumdog Millionaire was awesome. Awesome. Definitely see it if you can.