Sunday, February 1, 2009

a new month

Producers meeting = ridiculous

Was back to 111 this morning...thank the lord! Probably because i ate a handful of Uncle Sams cereal last night and drank, like, a gallon of water. 

We got a drive-on pass again at the studio, parked, found the building, took the elevator, got out, walked down a very narrow hallway covered in framed, autographed a door at the end of the hall. We walked in and there were 5 men..yes, all men, in the EXACT same suit, lined up along one side of the table. They started going through the contract...boring stuff....we start shooting the pilot in, like, 4 days, and money...the money sounds lovely, and then after the pilot we have an option period where networks will bid on it, and then someone will pick it up, either for a trial run (6 episodes) or a full season (12 or 13 episodes). All of this was very interesting, but the highlight of the day, by far, was going over the FAT CLAUSE...which i mentioned yesterday.
 The Fat Clause stipulates that i am not to gain any more then 10 pounds during the entire run of the show (mind is not legal to weigh me at any how they will know exactly what i have or have not gained is beyond me). The producers treated it really lightly, like it was sort of a joke....saying things like, "as if you would gain weight" and gesturing to me and laughing, all of a cute little obnoxious row. Then one of them said something like, "they make us include these...its silly, but it does guarantee certain perks" (dad had already explained to me that they would hire me a trainer...and that its sort of the way the studios keep tabs on their younger female actresses). SICK. oh well, the producers had a great time, and i smiled through the entire thing...and they laughed and i laughed and the only person in the room who barely cracked a smile was my dad. He's not a fan of contracts, he takes these meetings really seriously . Which is cool, i mean someone has to! Plus the weight thing bugs him...he gets protective and angry but he keeps his cool. Anyway, we signed everything and everything is all set up and written in stone. Tomorrow i have J all day which is wonderful but also nerve wracking...i mean, she does sort of melt me to butter. But i so long to be tortured for a full day...and she is just so damn good at it!!!!! Stay in it to win it!!! Peace out little ladies. 


  1. Is it actually called the Fat Clause? That is too funny. Have fun with J (not that you wouldn't haha)!

  2. What the FUCK?? You have a med card? Does your dad know and approve of that as well?

    I want to get one so hard core... Too bad CO doesn't hand those out for psychological disorders or I'd be set .. I'll just feign chronic pain ha ha

    let me know how that goes

  3. Talk about motivation to stay on track!