Saturday, January 31, 2009

Constipation and Contemplation

sOOOO, As i'm sure you have all inferred from the title of this post...i am very very constipated and not entirely sure what to do about it. I'm not really into laxatives because they make life too entire day on the toilette is unrealistic...there's just too much to do and nothing more embarrassing then excusing ones self from an audition or a shoot to go let mother nature play its course. I honestly wouldn't complain or bring it up at all...but its been 5 days and i don't know the average length of time a person can go....but 5 days is a bit in my book! Any suggestions??? DON'T TELL ME TO EAT GRAPES- I hate grapes more then anything else in the entire world!!!!!!!
Ok, so the producer meeting is tomorrow which is wicked cool. They faxed over all the paperwork we're gonna be going over last night...and my contract actually has a FAT clause!!!! I am not permitted to gain more then 10 pounds during the run of the says nothing, of course, of losing weight! I thought that was hilarious...and awesome!!! I mean, the more incentives not to eat the better, right? My dad wasn't too happy...but he won't say anything about it. Thats why i like him, the strong silent type. He wants to protect me from the world that i beg and plead and would do anything to be a part of...but he knows how badly i want it and i think he wants it that badly for me!!! Anyway...i just thought that was a funny section of the agreement!!! I will happily sign!!!
On that note, a lot of comments have been talking about my happiness level. I am happy, very happy...i mean, things are happening exactly as i planned....everything! However, i don't really do anything else...i spend the majority of my time exercising, which, though i love it, gets tiresome and repetitive. My only real friend is my father. My mother doesn't speak to me or care at all about my existence, I have an nasty little habit of landing myself in the hospital right in the midst of VERY IMPORTANT SHIT,  and i will most likely die before 40 because of bone deterioration or some other shit thing not eating for 12 years does to the body. But despite all that....yeah, i'm happy. It might be a skewed, slightly messed up version of happiness...but who is there to judge, i have no one!!!! The less people you let in, the less people there are to compare yourself and the state of your life put things in perspective. On the upside...who wants to live past 40??? wrinkles, children, marriage, mortgages...doesn't sound magical to yes....HAPPY...happy happpy happy!!!! I hope you all are as happy as i am!!!! peace out...and stay in it to win it little ladies!!!!


  1. Congrats on signing the contract! I'm sure you'll be fabulous.

    PS- My sisters and I have a deal. When I turn 35 they're going to take me out back and shoot me like Old Yeller. I NEVER want to get old!

  2. First of all, thanks for your comment. It comforts me to know that someone might understand what I'm going through. :-)
    I probably won't get it checked out, I don't have health insurance for one thing, and for another if i walk in there with this arm I might not be able to talk myself out of being committed.
    I think Psychological drugs are crap.
    5 days is a while to not be able to poop. This kind of stuff happens to me randomly. I see you say not to tell you to eat grapes so you might not like this suggestion either, but prunes help a lot. I know that they are gross but they work. It's worth it to not fart at everyone all day!
    I can't believe your contract has a fat clause. It seems like that should be illegal or something.
    I'm glad that you're happy. :-) I hope you might find some non-dramatic non-annoying friends sometime, if you want to.
    Take care.

  3. Hi! Thanks for the comment on my blog :)
    As for constipation, have you tried any of the asian teas? They are laxatives but tend to have a more mild effect, and there are different strengths. Most asian supermarkets/markets have them. Five days isn't terrible but it's no fun either. Hopefully things start moving for you ;)