Saturday, January 24, 2009


Yo, so you want to know abt the IV fluids. My dad administers them, not me. It's a basic saline drip...he gets them by prescription at the hospital pharmacy at our neighboring hospital. It's the same stuff they give you if you go to the hospital with a stomach flu and you r dehydrated, sugar water. So at the very least, each day, i intake a substantial amount of water and sugar to keep my electrolytes and blood sugar some extent. The doctor at the hospital i was last stashed in showed my dad how to set up a line, and now he does it like a pro. We stick to the veins in my feet. it'll work in almost any metacarpal vein...but if you have too many dots in certain places, people start to ask drug questions. Plus, its easier to see veins on your feet then on your arms. Dad checked me out of the hospital that last time because i was so miserable i wanted to kill myself...i just explained that this was my choice and it was sustainable and that all i wanted to do was act and he didn't freak was the first hospitalization since my over-dramatic, self indulgent mother has been out of the he just took me home and we make it work. I mean, i've all but completely stopped puking and i do what he says...he isn't the enemy anymore which makes life oddly easier.


  1. Thanks for explaining! Never heard of someone doing them at home but it sounds like a good thing.

  2. hey you =)

    okay, i am DYING to know who K is. hahaha, i'm too page 3 for my own good. anyway, i'm glad the auditions are working out for you. seriously, that's so awesome to have an insiders guide into the life of a pre-famous-actor (wink wink). i watch Entourage...but that doesn't really cut it...although jermey piven is cute as a button. anyway, write more!!! x

  3. Hey Anabullshit-- I just wanted to thank you for checking out my blog and for the lovely complement. So nice!

    Be well.

  4. Thanks for your comment. Good luck with acting! And, good that you're getting along with your Dad.

  5. Hey AnaB, thanks for visiting my website! Congratulations on your audition, I hope you get the part. Keep us in the loop ok?

    I was reading about your IV fluids and I just wanted to clarify something for you, I can't help it, you should know. I only know this because I'm a nurse.

    IV saline is made with a very small percentage of salt. (0.9%). It is the same consistency as blood and therefore keeps your total body fluid volume up and protects your electrolytes.

    IV 'dextrose' is the sugar one that you're talking about.

    Make sure you're getting the right IV solution! I don't know if you can ask your doctor but that would be the best option. :)