Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Drum roll please....

I'll just begin with my weight...since it is the focus of my life and the all consuming question on EVERYONES mind (that of course could just be in my head)...but i was 111 this morning...which is nuts and insane and wonderful and overwhelming and and and....i'm out of ands. Just got back from the gym....not with J unfortunately. I did mostly cardio this morning to get ready for my shoot this evening, but i threw in some ab workouts. I took pilates my senior year of undergrad and i learned the most amazing stomach tightening techniques that i now swear by. So I'm lying there on my purple workout mat that i bring with me to the gym...because god knows who or WHAT has sweated on those blue gym mats. And I just finished a set, and i'm breathing and running my fingers inside that little concave area between my ribs when i noticed someone staring. There was this middle age woman on the treadmill behind my sweating to the oldies or whatever the fuck people listen to at the gym (i stick with jagged little pill- Alanis...i know, behind the times blah blah blah, but i love it!) and staring at me point blank. I saw the envy in her eyes searing into me...and i sorta milked it. I stretched out long on my mat and breathed in sucking the concave deeper, and then i glanced at her again out of the corner of my eye...and she was still watching. It was like i was a tv set...or a fucking twinki, and her mouth was watering. The woman couldn't have been more then 150 pounds...probably 5'6'' or something like that...just a guestimate...but i saw the hunger in her eyes and I LOVED IT. I love when people look at me and want to look like i'm not a huge fan of those people actually speaking to me....but the afar thing really works for me. I got off on it so much i hopped on the treadmill next to her and doubled her speed....I'M A HUGE ASS HOLE BY THE WAY!!!! She stopped outright staring...but every few minutes she'd glance over at my time, or my calories/hr and then quickly avert he eyes....PEOPLE ARE FASCINATING!!!
   Sooooo, i'm sure you're wondering why i saved this for the middle of my post...i know, i'm strange that way, but i wanted to describe the gym thing first, because it just happened and put me in the wonderful mood i was in when i got home, like 3o minutes ago and listened to the answering machine. I GOT THE FUCKING PART. HOLY FUCKING SHIT BALLS!!!!!! I'm in. We start filming in February and my script is already on its way and they want a meeting with me and my agents to talk terms and they loved me and and and....god whats with all the ands right! So I'M IN!!! And guess what, L didnt get cast. Not as the best friend, not as anything!!!!! So its me and K and NOOOOOO L, at all!!! This set is going to be a fabulous environment to work in. I can't believe, its a dream come true. I'm going to be acting every day...with awesome people. I do have to tell you, my dad immediately gave me a talking to about this blog and the privacy shit i'll be signing and how important it is that i don't divulge anything that could give me away...blah blah blah...i won't, but i'll tell you everything else, so don't worry!!!!!! I think its supposed to air next season though...thats all i'm gonna say..nothing else....ahhhh, just too excited now. I think i'll go run around the block a billion times until i'm exhausted....because nothing else seems to calm me down these days. I'm stuck in this permanent manic episode....of course it is justified as things have been going ridiculously well and i should probably just shut up and count my blessings!!! Ok, gonna go exhaust myself now before the shoot tonight, peace out little ladies!!!! 


  1. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, and by the way, I think we're all skinny bitches.


  2. YAY!!

    and your DAD knows you have a blog????

    I'd be more worried about that than one of us figuring out your identity or whatever... As if we'd be like "I READ PRO ANA BLOGS AND GUESS WHO I FOLLOW???"

    yEAH. No.
    ha. But yeah great job w/ everything!

  3. Congrats!!! You totally deserve it, working your ass off and everything. :)

  4. Huge congrats to both getting the part and 111!!!! That's huge, you earned it :) You're focus is awesome!

  5. Congratulations! thats so so so good to hear!

  6. That's awesome. Glad to see things are working out well for you.