Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Old Movies

Dad took me to a series of short, early films at the Shrine tonight to distract me...we just got back. I can't believe where movies have come from..its amazing. The best is this chick, the first female filmmaker Alice Guy-Blache. She was the first one to advocate underacting...and the idea that cinema, unlike the theater, demanded a more subdued style of acting. She and her husband were immigrants and she made this film called "Making an American Citizen"...it came out in 1912 and its amazing...you should youtube it if you get the chance. I thought it was hysterical...yes, over the top, but so poignant and perceptive considering the year it was released and the political climate in America at the time...melting pot that it was....and is of course. The other one i loved was "Princess Nicotine; or, The Smoke Fairy", which was made by J. Stuart Blackton in 1909 and its amazing too. If you do youtube it, remember the year and where technology was and that they were cutting with cutting boards and not computers. WOW. Sorry about the ramble. I think i get manic when i'm exposed to new movies....just too excited. I'm glad we went though...at least i got my mind off of things. I did not think about my impending glory or doom for an entire 2 hours....impressive huh? I ate the yogurt already, this morning, over the course of 3 hours....i just carried it around the house with me finding different things to do and then forgetting about the yogurt. So i still need to eat the peanut butter and apple. I'm feeling sneaky though, so i might just not and say i did! Goodnight little ladies!!!!!


  1. i meant to say "glory or doom" not "gloom or doom". I can't believe there's no edit feature. Gawwwddd!