Thursday, January 22, 2009

will this day never end

OK, its about 5pm now and this is officially the SLOWEST fucking day known to man. No J, so no movement at my dad said i shouldn't look dead for my audition no workout at all today or tomorrow which PETRIFIES ME. But whatev, its for my career and dad is right, its more important. 
I have also weighed myself every hour on the hour since i woke up at 7 this morning. The scale has told a very uneventful story all day that i won't pass on to you at the moment. I've also been WAY more obsessed with food all day, prob cause of the lack of exercise or stimulus of any yesterday i was fine cause i was focused on the shoot all day. I keep sneaking down to the kitchen to check out the situation...but my dad hangs out in the den, which is right next to the kitchen, so at least i'm being monitored. I broke down at 2pm and told him i didn't think i could eat anything because i was freaking out and wouldn't be able to stop so i have an iv with lunch and dinner in it hanging next to me right now. I know they use these things in the hospital and it sucks and all, but they really do rock if you don't even want the temptation of food or sugar on your lips at ALL. So thats my day so far. The audition is tomorrow morning at 11...i'm totally off book and ready...SO READY. I don't know who'll be there but i hope its a short agent said it was a short list. Ughhhhh, i want to take something and go to sleep so today can end already. PATIENCE IS SOOOO NOT ONE OF MY VIRTUES!!! wish me luck tomorrow are sooo all the best and your comments have been wonderful and so thought provoking!!! keep em coming! ahhhhhh, i'm gonna bounce right out of my skin in a few minutes. 

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