Thursday, January 22, 2009

She's Giving me FACE

So It's almost 2am, i just got home from the shoot and i feel amazing. First of all, i just jumped on the scale, at the freaking END of the day, and it said 116...which is ONE pound away from my audition goal weight and i still have another day! Yesssss!!!!! I don't know if i'll be able to get to sleep at all tonight because i did no exercise and everything coming up is just way way way too exciting. 
The shoot went great, i was posing and moving and i felt like, really hungry and limp and gangly and the photographer loved it and kept yelling out at me, "she's giving me face" and then he'd turn around and smile and wink at my dad, which i found OOBER creepy! but whatev, he's happy, he liked me, he'll tell others and there is now going to be an ad with me in a gorgeous gown in magazines. The ONLY bad part of the shoot was, when i got there, i had to get into the gown first so hair could work around it, and as i predicted, it was a little loose, (ladies, i had to feign an apologetic look, but i was RIDICULOUSLY happy and vindicated)...she bitched loud though and that was an embarrassing way to start a shoot, so that sucked...but hey, you have to deal with some crappy people to make amazing things!!! Tomorrow is going to be so strange and dull...nothing at all to do. Hmmmm, perhaps i shall spend my day reading blogs since i've had such little time to do so....and i will not think of, call, or fantasize about J, because my career is way too fucking important to throw away because i harbor romantic feelings for a chick...i can get over it...i can....can't i???

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  1. I think these sort of things have a habit of working themselves out, so don't worry too much about it! Congrats on the successful shoot; sounds like you were amazing.