Monday, January 19, 2009

before bed

Ok, back at the house doing one last blog before my full day with J tomorrow. Unfortunately for me, she was out today and had her friend R sub in...sucked my balls!!!!!! I really missed her...but luckily i have tomorrow to think about and there's no way she'd bail on a "nine-to-five" as she calls our long days. Gonna go to bed so i don't think too much about the scale tomorrow and how badly it has to say something good. Luckily on Wednesday i have a commercial shoot i booked two weeks ago. Can't say what its for but the dress fitting was 9 days ago and i hope i still fit into the gown because that was 4 pounds ago...but i guess skinnier is hella better then fatter right girls! thanks so much for the amazing words of encouragement, you are wonderful as is this underground world of ours! 


  1. hey you!

    you totally did not do anything to warrant an apology (which is why I won't be accepting it!), I saw nothing wrong in your diaggreeing with me. IN fact, I elaborated my view in response to what you said. Seriously, I like people who question/challenge/give alternative view points...and they are ALWAYS welcome on my blog. so I should apologize for making you feel the way you did, which I am. Thank you so much for reading and posting, that alone makes me happy. But to actually offer an opinion? i am speehless...okay, as speechless as I can be.

    so chin up dollface, you have nothing to be ashamed off!

    anyway, i hope that dress hangs losely on you =) i'm sure those you will make everyone on the set proud...until the next post, good luck and be safe.

    belle xx

  2. oh hey, dont apologize. i dont know why i always feel the need to point out the differences in eating disorders. Sure they are totally different in alot of ways, but we all need support from each other :)

    so i'm sorry to you, if i reacted harshly!

    ♥ stay safe