Thursday, February 5, 2009

On Set

Sooo, as the title of this post implies, i'm writing it from the studio set. I say studio set, because as i'm learning we actually have 3 different sets for this show. The main one is here on "bleep" Lot, which i have to say is one of my favorite studios out here. The other two sets for the pilot are in Pasedena...just two different houses owned by regular joes who i guess get paid to let us film there if we ever have outdoor scenes or getting into the car in the driveway scenes. 
   We are on our lunch break right fucking 10:45 am...because we start so early and the SAG contract gives me breaks every, like, 4 kind of sucks. I'm here in my trailer...which i love, its a beautiful trailer with a bed and a tv and...ughhhh MORE FOOD then any human should EVER consume. What the fuck happened to the fat clause in the contract. I mean...i understand providing a fruit plate for people...maybe cheese and wine or something....but there is a full sized cake sitting behind me right now, and an enormous platter of salami sandwiches, and mini hot-dogs and and and...the list just goes on. I was really REALLy good yesterday and i ate nothing (in preparation for shooting i've realized that i have to stay under 500 calories a day in order to just maintain, fucking starvation metabolism)....i did fluids before bed and this morning and i was 111 this morning... i ate yogurt on the way here so i'd have energy but this crap in here will destroy me if i have to see it every day. I wonder if my dad can make them take it all away. I'm gonna go ask. Sorry this is such a short one. If we wrap at a reasonable hour i'll write again tonight!!! PEACE OUT LADIES!!!!- and thanks for the comments...i'm gonna catch up on your blogs as soon as they give me a fracking day off!!! 

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