Saturday, February 7, 2009

Exhaustion Sets In

I feel like a tornado hit my brain right now. I can't even really distinguish between what i'm actually saying in conversation, and the lines that are just circling around in my head. K was wonderful this week, she really was...i just hope i kept up. Dad got them to take the junk out of my trailer. Now there's just a fruit plate, which actually still pisses me off...i mean its a fucking temptation and the mango just sits there, taunting me at the center of the platter. I HATE FOOD...I mean, i love it, but i fucking hate that it exists. It would be so much easier to avoid if it wasn't EVERYWHERE. Like...our society is fucking run by don't go out with a friend for the day to just see a movie and take a go out for a meal...always a fucking meal. I guess thats why i don't have any friends. Good decision on my part!!
For the Good news of the week....I'm down to 110...just one more pound till the single digits!!! I cannot wait to wake-up to 109. It will be a glorious day! I wish i had the energy today to go for a run or workout, but i'm fully pooped. I can't lift my legs at all. If i don't work out at all today, but i intake fewer then 400 calories i should at least maintain. I have J all day tomorrow, so thats something to look forward to, and an excuse for not working out today...i mean even God took a day to fucking rest right? Its funny because i feel so guilty right now about the idea that i'm not going to workout today...that i probably will end up working out anyway. Ok, i will still do less then, 2 yogurts and an apple (no peanut-butter today) and thats it. If i end up feeling like working out later, oh well...still not gonna change the food plan. Good luck ladies, hope all is going well with you guys!!! I'm gonna catch up on all your blogs today!!!! Stay in it to win it :)


  1. I hate food too. Get some rest!

  2. i hate it too! it drives me nuts that i am always surrounded by bad foods!

  3. It's so frustrating sometimes...if we all just absorbed our nourishment from the air in the precise quantities needed and kept perfect bodies, or something I'd be so happy. No need to eat, no such thing as food, or eating disorders, for that matter...haha...Yeah, life would be grand....
    Congrats on hitting 110! I hope 109 is just around the corner...

  4. The hot topic on campus recently has been that guy who ate like two meals a YEAR and got his nutrients from the sun the rest of the time.


    Maybe that could help explain why it's easier not to eat when the sun is shining//it's warm out?

    keep it up lady

  5. That or bikini season makes us stay away from the food.


    Food is evil but you need it to survive. Fruit isn't going to make you fat.