Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Slow Reactions

On set, looking over my blog and the comments...very strange today so i think i shall comment. First, Belle, You have nothing at all to be sorry about lady!!! Curiosity never killed any cat i had:) I wouldn't write my blog if i didn't invite and excite in comments and questions!!! As you can clearly see, i too struggle with offending people often. But when you speak your mind it will ALWAYS be offensive to someone!!! Thats part of the joy of blogging right??? Those offended people have the right to comment or punches are thrown!!!
Now, S. Rider, lets deal with that. I'm not sure who you are. Granted i don't KNOW any of the girls who comment on my blog...but your blog doesn't allow me access, so i can't even scope you out. You clearly understand my reservations and fears in allowing such questions or interviews to take place. How do you conduct an interview over blog??? Who are you?? Where do you study?? What kind of publication might this interview be published in? I don't want to be a pain, but this blog is one of the only real things i have in my perhaps you can understand why i am so protective of it and of my anonymity. 
   Back to blogging!!! The set is quiet today. But i got a flat screen tv. I know...say what? I showed up at my trailer this morning and there was a flat screen tv. Which tells me one thing, the producers like the first two episodes!!!!! YAY!!!! There is so much subtle language in this industry. No one ever just pounds you on the back and says...good job kid. Nope...they leave a flat screen, sony, hd, 1080i, 32 inch flat screen in your trailer without a word. Whatev, i wish it had been a treadmill. Maybe i'll drop hints for the next time the producers are feeling generous. So then i had to go out there and be all thankful and cutesie...vomit. Perhaps i could park the treadmill in front of the tv and have the network get me back seasons of the biggest loser!!! YES, that would be the ideal gift! A treadmill and back seasons of the biggest loser...hell yeah!!!
k, they're calling me, i may post later tonight....was 109 this morning....piece of shit scale. Why can't i just stay the same? I ate NOTHING yesterday...whats my fucking body's problem. Oh well, i know its not real weight!!! Peace out ladies...-stay in it to win it :)


  1. Empowering indeed! Especially when I realize what an easy situation I'm in - your life seems so tumultuous and yet you seem to be holding your own.
    Thank you thank you thank you

  2. Thanks for the comment, and you've got one of the most interesting blogs I've found so far on blogger :-D
    Congrats on the free tv o_0 that's awesome,
    And scales can be nutty. Though what kind do you have, I fully advocate simple mechanical ones over digital ones. Digital ones LIE -_-

  3. Hi there,
    Ok, about the “research” (sorry if that term made you feel like a specimen), most of the stuff I’ve read about ED and ana deal with women who are in “recovery” or identify themselves as “former” anorexics. This is the only place I have seen and heard from women who live with ana as a part of their lives. I like the candid conversations and the concerns that women discuss in this forum. I am trying to figure out how women use the blogs and to hear about their lives in their own words; this is for the purpose of understanding, not “fixing” or “judging.” I have seen one other project that attempted to research the blogs, but this one described itself as a “covert” study; the researcher adopted a manufactured persona and basically acted like a pro-ana blogger in order to gain access to the pro-ana community. I’m not into that. I would much rather be up front about what I’m doing so that people can decide for themselves whether they want to be a part of it or not.

    About me: I live in northern California and teach college writing. I am new to blogging. My blog is under construction and, to be frank, it looks kind of stupid right now. That’s why it’s not accessible. It’s not a personal blog; I’m trying to build it so that my students can talk to each other about the work they’re doing.

    So, I apologize if I freaked you out with my request. I think I understand your attachment to this space and your reasons for wanting to keep it safe. I would be happy to let you “scope” me out; I just don’t want to post all the details on the blog (you understand!). You can email me if you like at